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Our story

Welcome to Whitefield

In the cold winter months of mid 2014 a TNT truck unloaded a heavy crate to a residential address. The packaging was promptly ripped off and a brand-new welder was revealed. This machine and an existing angle grinder were the start of a dream that had been years in the making.

Just like most journeys in life there were hurdles, tripped circuit breakers, late nights and band aids but the work went on. It was a culmination of experience which began as an apprenticeship making grain augers, moved on to R&D of the same, then migrated to a different company for a role in marketing, then in sales some accounting and finally right back to the workshop. To be honest, the hands-on work was a welcome relief after years in the four walls of a corporate setting.

Right from the start, the humble beginnings of Whitefield Farm Equipment carried with them a keen eye for simplicity, ease of use and quality manufacturing. We worked hard, the team grew, our commitment remains and we invite you consider our products today.